Wood is a living material that both absorbs and exudes moisture in time with the changing seasons. As a result of this natural process, small cracks can appear on the wood’s surface. The formation of these cracks does not affect the furniture’s durability, but do apply a little wood oil or stain now and then to prevent the cracks from deepening.

Here are some care instructions that will increase the life span of your furniture and help to keep it looking like new.

General tips

Specific tips

Stained furniture in cappuccino, oak, black, java and grey

Should be treated when the surface becomes matt and rainwater no longer stands in droplets on the surface. The interval between treatments depends on the location of the furniture and the weather conditions it is exposed to.

Instructions: Clean the furniture

Unfinished furniture

Furniture should be treated with wood oil directly after purchase. Repeat treatment 3–4 times per year.

Instructions: Clean furniture. Use KWA Wood Cleaner as necessary.

White and black stained furniture

Instructions: Clean furniture regularly. After a few years it should be re-stained with KWA Stain.
CAUTION! Do not treat with wood oil.

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